Risha Engineering is very pleased to announce that Matthew Breaks, SE, has been promoted to Principal!

During his 11-year tenure at Risha Engineering, Matt has managed several of the company’s high  profile projects, including the award-winning Saban Media Center for the Television Academy. As Principal, Matt will manage several teams and continue to participate in the company’s growth strategy. Matt brings an exceptional positive attitude and technical leadership to every project. He listens closely to the clients and provides creative and cost-effective solutions to complicated problems.

“I am excited and honored by this opportunity to be a part of the firm’s long-term growth, and look forward to a bright future!” – Matthew Breaks, SE, Principal

“Through 11 years of service and loyalty to Risha Engineering, Matt continues to be a key participant in our company. His commitment and professionalism have been exemplary. His recent promotion to Principal is well earned and well deserved. I look forward to many more years of our continued collaboration.” – Janah Risha, SE, President