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915 Arcadia Ave Condominiums

915 Arcadia Ave Condominiums The two-story residential buildings are wood framed with structural steel used for long spans. The project also included earth shoring at basement and design and detailing of free standing site walls. Size 26,400 sq. ft. and 22,000 parking.

Arcadia, CA

East Union Court

East Union Court The new East Unions Condominiums bring 40 residential units and 3,400 square feet of retail space to the architecturally quaint city.This 60,000 square foot superstructure has subterranean parking and supported by a concrete podium with the upper stories of wood framing.
Pasadena, CA

2300 Wilshire

2300 Wilshire New development consisting of 30 residential condominium units, totaling about 38,000 sq. ft., erected over a one story at-grade retail space, with two levels of below grade parking. Parking footprint is about 41,000 sq. ft.

Santa Monica, CA

Wittington Holding Apartments

Wittington Holding Apartments New four-story residential development consisting of 244 one- and two-bedroom
apartments, totaling approximately 325,000 sq. ft., wrapping around an interior
courtyard and parking garage.

Las Vegas, NV

Brentwood Residence

Brentwood Residence 12,000 SF custom home with guest house and tennis court.
Los Angeles, California

Whittier Phase II, Supportive Multi-Family Housing

Whittier Phase II, Supportive Multi-Family Housing 3-story low income multi-family housing development with open air courtyard.
Los Angeles, CA

Oswego Villas

Oswego Villas 8-unit development with 2 and 3-story townhomes.
Pasadena, California

Alta Mura House

Alta Mura House The Alta Mura House is a 5,400 square foot, 2 story residence
Pacific Palisades, California