Risha Engineering is proud to announce : 

We are very happy to announce that Risha Engineering, in collaboration with MakeItRight, Inc, has agreed to bring in key MakeItRight personnel to form a newly established Division of Risha Engineering Group, Risha Healthcare.  Risha Healthcare will carry forward the most important aspects of MakeItRight’s production philosophies and practices.  Mr. Ricardo Sangiovanni, SE, a long-time key member and shareholder of MakeItRight, will manage this new division.  This combination of firms will bring new and unmatched production capabilities for healthcare projects.

Risha Healthcare is dedicated to providing comprehensive design services for all aspects of hospital and healthcare projects.  From renovation projects to seismic evaluations and retrofits, from additions to new hospital and medical office buildings, from structural strengthening to non-structural anchoring and bracing, Risha Healthcare is poised to support our and MakeItRight’s healthcare provider clients with unparalleled service, responsiveness, and efficient designs to meet the challenges of the regulatory and construction climate of today.

“After 19 years servicing the healthcare industry as a core part of Makeitright, it is a great pleasure to announce that I will continue carrying forward the same principles, philosophy and practices by directing the newly established Healthcare Division of Risha Engineering Group. The collaboration agreement between the firms will allow our teams to maintain the quality and the responsiveness of our services”.

– Ricardo Sangiovanni, SE
General Manager, Risha Healthcare

“You never achieve success unless you like what you are doing.”

– Dale Carnegie


“It is my distinct pleasure to welcome the MakeItRight team into Risha Engineering to launch Risha Healthcare. With the full cooperation of Joe La Brie, Founder and President of MakeItRight, and through a thoughtfully crafted transition plan, Risha Healthcare will ensure that this evolution is seamless, providing the same level of high-quality designs, responsiveness, and creativity, and honoring MakeItRight’s production philosophies and practices. Under Ricardo Sangiovanni’s leadership and KC Morrow’s project management skills, Risha Healthcare will usher in a new era of design and structural engineering capabilities in the healthcare sector.”

– Janah Risha, SE, President