Veterans Administration Medical Center – Seismic Assessment

Risha Engineering engaged in the VA Salt Lake City Seismic Assessment project and scope is as follows:

  • Review of all on-site federally owned buildings, all of which total approximately 1,200,000 square feet.
  • Application of requirements as documented in VA Directive 7512, Seismic Design Handbook H-18-8, and ASCE 41 were utilized as reference in addition to all applicable building codes specific to seismic, in determining if existing conditions are seismically deficient.
  • Provide assessment on seismic deficiencies of both structural and nonstructural components.
  • Perform physical investigation as needed to investigate seismic deficiencies. Including, but not limited to, the removal of gypsum board  and infill, access interstitial space, access mechanical rooms and crawl space, and access roof areas. During site investigations, infection control methods are to put in place as to keep dust, bacteria, virus and other contaminates contained as a result of investigative destructive methods.
  • Protect the existing building and replace or rebuild any building structure, panel, wall, etc. to “as-is” condition upon completion of site investigation.
  • Make recommendations to remedy any structural deficiencies discovered during the site investigations.

Salt Lake City, Utah

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Owner: US Veterans Administration