The Lot – Plaza Building, Creative Office Building

Risha Engineering performed structural engineering design and construction support for this new 200,500 gross square foot structure. The building is a five-story above grade office/production building with office and assembly space at ground floor level and two parking levels below grade. The overall building dimensions are 225.5 feet by 107 feet for above grade levels and 270.5 feet by 165 feet for below grade parking and a total building height of 80 feet above grade (includes mechanical screen, 68 feet to top of roof).

Each above grade floor is approximately 22,000 square feet and below grade parking levels are approximately 44,600 square feet each. The building comprises exposed structural concrete two-ways slabs supported on concrete columns, with 30 feet by 36 feet bays, and concrete lateral force resisting shearwalls concentrated at the core of the building, on the perimeter of the elevators and stairs. The floors are regular in plan with offsets between floors to create a unique appearance. Offsets between levels provided ledges and terraces for a distinctive presence. The perimeter of the building is mostly enclosed with floor to floor glass windows to provide exceptional views of the surrounding areas. An exterior deck, at level 2, provides space for gathering.

West Hollywood, California

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Owner: CIM Group