Shire Pharmaceuticals – Various Campus Projects

Risha Engineering has performed structural engineering design, evaluation and construction support services for various structures and alterations of existing structures at the Thousand Oaks and Los Angeles campuses. A summary of projects are as follows:

Fall Protection Engineering
1. Structural evaluation and retrofit of the existing rooftop platform for support of new single point fall protection anchor. The client desired to install multiple anchor points attached to the existing platform to allow for personnel to open the roof access hatch for maintenance/replacement of equipment while attached to the anchor points for fall protection. The platform and roof structure was analyzed and retrofitted as necessary to support fall protection anchor points loading.
2. Structural evaluation of an existing roof was performed to substantiate the roof adequacy to support a new weighted guardrail system for fall protection. Based on the evaluation information for placement locations of weighted posts were provided to the client to avoid strengthening of the existing roof system.

Existing Jib Hoist Retrofits, Suites B/C & D – Structural evaluation and retrofit of multiple existing jib hoists and base connections at mezzanines within clean room environments. All material is stainless steel and details for retrofit of the bases were coordinated for ease of installation.

New Trolley Hoist Support, Room 1067 – Structural design of steel frame to support removable aluminum monorail beam with trolley hoist. Hoist system was designed to remove existing compressors for maintenance and required the removable monorail beam be light for manual installation. Project also required field coordination to avoid dense existing overhead conduit, piping, and ducting.

Existing Crane Hoist Evaluations – Structural evaluation of existing hoist systems to determine their capacities. Project involved analysis of the hoist system as well as supporting building members.


Thousand Oaks, CA

Project Type
Industrial/Science and Technology

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Owner: Shire Pharmaceuticals