San Gabriel Police Department Headquarters

Risha Engineering is providing a structural design update and construction support services of the police facility, firing range, four (4) free-standing carports, and several site walls to bring the original drawings of the San Gabriel Police Headquarters to completion.

The new Police Headquarters features: A police facility that is one and two stories, with concrete masonry shear and bearing walls, concrete filled metal deck and structural steel framing, roughly 34,000 square feet, that also houses a Type 1 jail facility; a 5,100 square foot firing range, with its own adjacent carport, that is one story concrete masonry shear and bearing walls, and formed concrete roof; various free-standing carports ranging from 1,200 – 2,800 square feet; and free-standing concrete masonry walls throughout the site. The building geometry is configured to fit the site, and the buildings and site structures are designed as essential services buildings.


San Gabriel, CA

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Project Notes 

Owner: City of San Gabriel
Architect: WMM Associates