Historic Review – Orange Coast Community College

The Orange County College District, as part of its campus planning, commissioned a Historic Structures Report to address historic value and condition, non-structural and structural, of about 20 buildings. We contributed structural findings and recommendations to the report that included:

  • Examination of each building in the scope of the project. This was accomplished in three days with a team of six engineers during a school break.
  • Condition of each structure and structural components, including conditions of deterioration and compliance with and deviations from available reference drawings.
  • Structural analysis of each building was performed using ASCE 31 Tier 1 analysis and screening methods. Checklists included the Basic Structural Checklist, Supplemental Structural Checklist, Basic Nonstructural Component Checklist, Intermediate Nonstructural Component Checklist and the Geologic Site Hazards and Foundations Checklist.
  • For each building, the report contained written description of structure, conditions observed, photo documentation with key map, results of structural evaluations, non-complying conditions, and recommendations for correction of significant seismic deficiencies.
  • Owing to a schedule required by the College District, we completed the investigation and report in three months.


Costa Mesa, CA

Project Type
Educational/Historic Structures

Project Notes 

Owner: Los Angeles Community College District