Palos Verdes Drive North Geotechnical/Civil/Structural Investigation and Design

This Los Angeles County On-call Agreement project entails the investigation of a 200 foot hillside slope along a portion of Palos Verdes Drive, and the hill rises to about 25 feet at highest point. Phase 1 includes documentation, investigation, evaluation, and schematic design. To accomplish this, we perform an ALTA/ACSM survey to determine easements, site slopes and other pertinent information; and, limited geotechnical investigation with preliminary recommendations for support and stabilization of the site; then, provide limited engineering research into the sites permitting history and existing drainage. Based on above findings, the development of conceptual civil and structural schemes to mitigate slope instability and provide adequate drainage will occur. Phase 1 is currently underway. Risha Engineering is also subject to provide services during Phase 2, which will consist of civil and structural design and calculations, generation of construction documents, and construction period engineering services.


Lomita, CA

Project Type
Educational/Training Facility 

Project Notes

Owner: Los Angeles County