Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino – Hotel Expansion

Risha Engineering is providing structural design of the new Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino Expansion, consisting of 465 rooms and suites in eight levels above grade, each level being approximately 35,700 sq. ft., totaling around 249,000 sq. ft.

This project includes structural design for a cast-in-place reinforced concrete system for Ground – Level 3, with podium concrete floors as one-way flat slabs spanning to beams; a mostly wood framed system for Level 4 – Roof; a cast-in-place concrete system for the Circulation Core; and, a seismic joint between the Circulation Core and main building.

This design also allowed for three central atriums at the building’s interior in all levels along with the roof.

Risha Engineering will also provide construction period engineering services.

Photo courtesy of Raul Justino. License here.



Las Vegas, NV

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Project Notes 

Owner: DTG Las Vegas, LLC
Architect: DLR Group