“Bullseye” Stunt Set Evaluation

Risha Engineering evaluated Berth 53 at The Port of Los Angles for adequacy to support loading associated with the filming and  production of the show “Bullseye”. The purpose of the evaluation  is to verify the wharf structure’s ability to support the loads from a tractor-trailer truck, a shotmaker camera truck, and a condor used in conjunction with filming the stunt titled “Truck Jump”.

The existing wharf is approximately 63 feet wide and typically comprises a 6 to 12 inch thick structural concrete slab on a 6 inch thick precast, prestressed concrete deck and supports two lines of rails. The entire wharf is supported on 18 inch octagonal concrete piles with pile caps spaced at roughly 16 feet on center in the longitudinal direction and 10 to 12 feet on center in the transverse direction.

Risha Engineering conducted a review of the above equipment specifications to verify axle loads conform to the design capacity of the existing wharf. Deliverable was a letter report containing project summary, conclusions and recommendations, as well as a sketch of the stunt layout with acceptable equipment and vehicle locations and clearances.

The project schedule was extremely aggressive, and the site visit, structural analysis, and issuance of letter report was completed in two days from time of contact.

Los Angeles, CA

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Project Notes
“Truck Jump” report generated within 2 days time.