Lamanda Court – Multi-Family Development**

Risha Engineering provided design through construction period services for 32 condominium units, in two or three stories, totaling about 50,000 sq. ft. The residences are erected over a cast-in-place concrete podium over the 27,000 sq. ft. parking area, using wood framing with structural steel systems for lateral loads and long spans. Each unit designed at Life Safety Performance.

An existing,1,890 sq. ft. two story house, with historic designation, will be relocated to the north-east corner of the property, including some minor structural alterations, a single story addition, with a patio and a trellis. The residences parallel the architectural “Airplane” style of this structure.

Pasadena, California

Project Type

Project Notes
Villas on Oswego, LLC
Architect: Tyler Gonzalez Architects (TGA)
Structural Material: Wood, concrete and steel
*This project is currently under construction
*This project also features a Historic Building Relocation
*Architectural renderings are courtesy of TGA