Flamingo Arroyo Trail Pedestrian Bridges*

The Flamingo Arroyo Trail is designed to be a linear park that is integrated into the Las Vegas community that meanders from Sunrise Trailhead Wetlands Park to a point near the Cambridge Senior Youth Facility. This Clark County Public Works pedestrian/bike trail winds its way through or across neighborhoods, golf courses, drainage channels, major public utilities and highways. Served as the project engineer in charge of the design of all approaches and bridges for six elevated crossings that occur at Vegas Valley Road, Sloan Channel, Nellis Blvd, Lamb Blvd, Boulder Highway, and Desert Inn Road. This involves design of concrete abutments and drilled piers that support pre-fabricated steel bridges; development of specifications and preliminary cost-estimates for pre-fabricated pedestrian steel bridges, MSE wall construction, and engineered fills; and developing all related engineering plans in order to contract the work. The work also included extensive coordination with commissioned artist to develop aesthetic treatment details and specifications for the structures.

Clark County, Nevada

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*while with previous company